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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Cucumber Melon Loaf Soap

Hi everyone,
     For my first ever blog post i decided to share a recent soap I made (recent as in last night!) I went to michaels and just had to buy a soap fragrance! Michaels didnt have much, so I picked up a random fragrance. Boy was i surprised at my results...
How cool is that! Now, Im going to teach you how to make it!
Ingridents you will need
cucumber melon fragrance (amount depending on mold)
44 ounces of melt and pour of your choice (today i used shea butter)
orange colorant
green colorant
Materials you will need
something to prop up your mold (moldable clay, a curved spatula, slanted building block, zoku slant thingy)
heat gun or hair dryer
saran wrap
spoons or soap mixing sticks
heat safe bowl
91% rubbing alcohol
crinckle cutter
scale in ounces
Crafter's Choice Regular loaf mold 1501
Now lets get started
     1. melt 11 ounces of melt and pour soap in the microwave until melted.
     2.once melted stir soap and all 1/4 of your fragrance and green colorant until you get deired color
     3.using your mold aligner, prop your soap up on one side. when you pour in your green soap, it should slide down to the side that isnt proped up.
     4. spritz rubbing alchohol on surface of soap.
     5. leave alone until very thick skin has formed. This could take fifteen minutes to an hour! DO NOT PUT SOAP IN FRIDGE OR FREEZER!!!!!
     6. once thick skin has formed, melt an additional 11 ounces of soap and add 1/4 of your colorant. by now half of your colorant should be gone. add orange color until desired color is achieved
     7.make sure your soap has a skin before removing your proping item.
     8. slowly remove proped item. if soap spills through skin, let harden and melt again. this is the only time during this soap where you have a chance to save it before addding another layer.
     9. place item on other side of the mold.
    10. make sure your soap is under 120 degrees farenheit or cool enough for you to stick your finger in without wincing.
    11. pour your second layer.
    12. repeat steps 4-10 with layer 3 but this time dying it green!
    13. now its time for layer 4
    14. remove do higgy from bottom of mold
    15. instead of putting it on the other side of mold we arent going to use it anymore. your mold should be flat.
    16. pour your final orange layer and spritz with rubbing alcohol. let cool for at least 5 hours.
    17. unmold and cut soap
    18. use saran wrap scissors tape and heat gun to wrap soaps.
    19. ta da! enjoy your new soaps! and because this is melt and pour, there is no curing time!

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