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Saturday, October 5, 2013

DIscovering Cold Process Soap

     I have to admit that i am VERY curious. Sometimes, my curiosity gets the best of me. In this case, cold process soap.
     last year i had discovered Soap Queen and later Bramble Berry. I instantly fell in live with cold process. So when i had the chance to do it for my science fair (keep in mind my science fair is like 5 months away) i took grasp of it and dove right in. I made a 3 layer 4.5 pound soap log with green oxide, merlot mica, and titanium dioxide. I used brambleberry's woodland elves fragrance oil as my fragrance.
     To start i invited my grandpa over and the tree of us got suited up. we were all freaking out about the lye but once that was done i felt a little better. we mixed our oils and mixed them together to meet trace. then, i added in the fragrance oil. heres where things went down hill. it seized. it wasnt so bad as the result soap was still ok but next time i will choose a frgrance oil that i know dosent affect trace
Taylor Lang